Help the PTO help you!

Help the PTO help you!

Thanks for your interest in our PTO!

First, please be sure you have registered to the PTO website—we encourage ALL families to register because it ensures you receive our weekly enewsletter, ACME School Weekly, (check out past editions of ACME School Weekly online) which is our main mode of communicating everything PTO (and it’s a lot!).

Register for the website here.

As soon as your registration is approved (for security purposes), you will receive an email from WordPress that includes your password. It will be an impossible-to-remember password; if you’d like to change it, manage your account here.

Second (likely while you’re waiting for your registration to be approved), please join our PTO. Our ACME School community is second to none, and we want you to be a part of it! Not sure? Check out our welcome page to learn more.

Join our PTO here.

Third, the ACME School School PTO directory is a fantastic resource for play dates and homework help—and parents have been known to contact each other from time to time, too. Our school does not publish a directory, so PTO has taken on that role.

This year, we’ll be printing copies, but our new website includes the ability to view the directory online (and on mobile devices). BUT, your information will not be included in either directory unless you register for the website and enter your contact information as you’d like it to appear in print and online. The online directory is private, and only available to registered users of our website.

Enter your directory information here.

Should your contact information change during the year, you can update your directory listing as needed, but do know directories will be printed early October, and we will use the information you provided on the website.

That’s it! If you have any questions about whether you’ve completed any of the tasks listed here, please contact ACME School School PTO secretary Amy Idhe. Thank you! In case no one has told you today, you ROCK, and we’re so happy your family is a part of our ACME School community.